Dr.Sandro,Sanda and Vlatko  Iridologists and CNHP( Certified Natural Health Professionals) with its offices in Florida and Kentucky  offers several different types of Exams and the most important is Iridology.

Iridology – Impeccable Diagnostics-Health planks written in the eye

Stave, iris or around the iris part of the eye that gives our eyes a characteristic color. Color planks depends on the amount and distribution of pigment on the front surface of the iris. There are people with extremely light color eyes (light blue), and these are people with a complete lack of pigment. Eyes can be green, blue, brown or nearly black.

Each eye and each person has a specific and unique appearance iris, like a fingerprint on hand. Each eye is unique to themselves.

Looking at the layout and format of iris of the eye, one can get a lot of information and data on the state of the body. Alternative science that examines changes in the interior of the organism and the undiagnosed condition of the body, called Iridology.

It is a very old science. The tomb of the youngest and most famous Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen were discovered drawings on clay tablets with drawings of the human eye with the stress and plotted planks eye and recorded a series of symbols that scientists have not been paying attention. Many years later when iridology developed independently of the discovery, it became clear what was written on the drawings Tutankhamen tomb. Then and now the principle of the method is the same: fast, easy, accurate and most importantly does not hurt.

Today is iridology developed a diagnostic method that shows the state of neural, chemical, organic and structural changes in the organism. Studying the iris of the eye can be seen even 28,000 nerve endings in the brain are all connected and reveal general condition of the organism. Planks inside the eye is thousands of delicate fibers that receive messages from every nerve in the human body through the connection with the optic nerve and spinal cord. Inside the eye also are microscopic fibers and tiny blood vessels that simultaneously registered tissue changes associated with the reflex of the body organs.

Sometimes the color changes look like planks eye patches, sometimes as sticks, dots or other irregular shapes.

As a sign of illness could serve iris color change in a certain place, and so-called cardiac rings indicate a heart disease alone or in association with other disorders.

A sign that the alarm and call for immediate action, one or more red spots on a light background of geometric shapes (triangle, square, diamond) which is a sign of the tumor.

The sign usually occurs a few months before the first symptoms of the disease. The pupil can be extended (mental disorder), narrowed (spinal problems, meningitis) or unequal (neurasthenia, paralysis). If a pupil is vertically oval – warns of a tendency apoplexy (sudden cessation of a vital organ), and if it is a horizontal oval shape, it is a disease of the eyeball, pituitary gland, thyroid gland. If out of town, warns us of the pulmonary or gastric diseases. The iris is divided into 12 hours and seven circles that emanate from the center (pupil) and go to the outer edges. Circuits consisting of seven concentric circles that are properly spread of pupils. Iris right eye signals about the health of the right side of the body, and the iris of the left eye, the left, and “steam” bodies may be found in one in the other. The exception is the heart that are normally occurs in both the iris.

These circuits are visible only when there is an anomaly in the organs to which they apply, starting from number one (the circle closest to the pupil) to the number seven. These circuits are related to the heart, intestines, kidneys, lungs, brain and skin.


This diagnostic is: – Painless-cheap-precise and quick-save time – early detection of problems

Points to absolutely any changes in the organism.

It gives an insight into the state, entire organism, long before these changes transformed the disease.

Accurately determine the potential changes in the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, brain, urinary system, spine, genitals …

It may also show a picture of innate ability of certain genotype .after determined by reviewing the child’s propensity to certain diseases and hereditary predisposition to health, the child can be helped if the time arises to change habits and lifestyle (diet, exercise, choice of sport …)

The advantage of this method is that the client does not need to do much more complicated and unpleasant views, can avoid months waiting for review and that immediately upon completion of result obtained.

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