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5 Benefits to Being Active

Exercising, working out and being active is not just for managing your weight! Watch the first part of a 3 part series where I talk about 5 health benefits to being active. This includes anything from walking, biking and swimming to more intensive activities such as weight training, boxing and running.

1. Weight Loss & Lean Muscle Mass
This first benefit has become the poster child for fitness. This is the number one reason fitness is even as popular as it is. People want to lose weight and build lean muscle mass. But there is so much more to being active than just aesthetics.

I see a lot of people happy with their bodies and completely forego training because "they don't need to lose weight." But there is so much more to the story than just body image. A lot of your health is dependent on being active.

2. Improved Posture
Working out helps strengthen stabilizer muscles that help keep joints in their proper place and help with their range of motion. If you suffer from poor posture working out forces you to start building better posture, since you won't be able to perform many movements without it. Not to mention being more prone to injury.

3. Strengthen Bones
Being active strengthens not only muscles but also bones. Bones flourish and grow when under pressure, but grow weak and brittle when not used. That is why astronauts have to undergo months of physical therapy after coming back from long periods in space. Without gravity, they are much more vulnerable to breaking bones once back on earth.

We can strengthen our bones by being active with weight training or even body weight exercises. This is especially important for those who are more susceptible to osteoporosis, a condition where the bones lose their density and become weak and easily broken. This includes women (Who tend to stay away from weights) and elderly people.

4. Better Sleep
Tiring yourself out during the day is a key way to improve your sleep. It's hard for the body to decern between our stagnate lives of seating in a chair all day and then going to laying in a bed all night. There needs to be a contrast for the body's chemical process to recognize and induce deep sleep. Being regularly active helps you feel tired and ready for bed every night, and thus helps improve your quality of sleep as well.

5. Overall Health
Our bodies are built to be active. To run, to jump, to lift, to push, to pull, and so much more. To grow, to push our limits and go beyond. But when we don't do that, our bodies start to become sluggish. Their potential is not seized. They stop growing. And that's why we see so many "modern illnesses" today.

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