5 Excuses to Get A Massage | Health Benefits You Don't Know

Many people think a massage is a great way to waste money. But I'm here to tell you 5 health benefits that you get from a massage that might make you reconsider that thought.

1. Circulation
Having a massage increases your circulation and since blood is the primary transportation system in the body, it carries all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to areas that need attention. Increasing the blood circulation synonymously means promoting healing in the body, which also means reduced inflammation in the joints.

2. Lymph Nodes
The lymphatic system in the body is very similar to the circulatory system, but different in one major way. It lacks a pump-like organ, such as the heart. So in order to clean out the toxins and debris that builds up in the lymph nodes, you need to be active and moving or having a massage.

3. Muscles
For all those athletes out there or anyone who is more active in general, massages can help your muscular system. They can help with muscle cramps, spasms, soreness, pain, reduce recovery time after a work out, and increase performance. It can also improve your overall flexibility and range of motion.

4. Pain Relief
If you suffer from chronic pain, back pain, headaches or migraines massages can help alleviate the pain. Massage can even help with post-operative pain.

5. Stress & Anxiety Relief
Stress has been labeled a "silent killer" So we want to make sure to reduce stress whenever we can, in this care, through massage. Massage can be relaxing not only for our body but also for our mind. So having a massage on a regular basis can help improve our quality of sleep.


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