T-Spoon™ Mint - Menta

T-Spoon™ Mint - Menta

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24 Spoons

  • All Natural Herbs
  • Gourmet Tea Filter Spoon
  • Perfect for Traveling or On The Go
  • Just Add Hot Water
  • Made from High-Quality Herbs
  • Hand Harvested

Is there anybody who doesn't like the smell and taste of the mint? We haven't met anybody. That is why we decided to make a mint T-spoon. Mint has a calming effect and it is good for the health of the mouth, it even makes our breath smell fresh and clean. Sometimes you don't have time to make normal tea so we made an innovation that may look it came from the future. T-spoon is the combination of tea and spoon, all you need to enjoy tea beside our innovation are a cup and some warm water. Drinking tea has never been so easy and fun, try it out!

Place into a hot cup of water, stir, sip and enjoy.

If desired, sweeten with honey.