Bee Pollen | Everything YOU NEED to know!

Today we are talking about Bee Pollen. Maybe you've heard of it. Maybe you've seen it at your local health food store. But have you ever wondered what it actually is? What are it's benefits? And should you be taking it?


Bee Pollen is actually made by worker honeybees, who go out of the hive foraging pollen from other flowers. When they get enough pollen and nectar, they compact this pollen into something called a pollen ball, which then bring back to the hive. This acts as the main source of protein for the hive.

The composition of Bee Pollen is hard to pin-point, because it is all environmentally and locally driven. The bees can only gather from whatever flowers are nearby the hive. This can be influenced by things such as climate, location, time of day, time of month, time of year. Whatever's in season. And this will often dictate what the Bee Pollen is primarily composited off.

Because of great variation of Bee Pollen depending on the location, it can be extremely hard to give an concrete list of component found in Bee Pollen. Nonetheless, there seems to be a steadfast rule that 15-20 % of any batch of Bee Pollen will be made of protein and amino acids with the other 80% or so, being made out of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Often comprised of but not limited to; Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, carotene, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and so forth.

Because of its nutrient dense makeup, some have called it a superfood and some have gone so far to say that humans could live off Bee Pollen alone.


Bee Pollen has been said to have many benefits. Some of which include; boosting your immune system, combating fatigue; helping relieve stress; helping with depression; helping with chronic disorders and promoting healing overall. Another big attribute of Bee Pollen is helping with allergies, particularly if it is been locally harvested.

Some say Bee Pollen can help with physical performance. Increasing strength, stamina and endurance. Some Olympic athletes and their coaches even come out and publicly praised for its benefits.
Bee Pollen color can vary greatly. It can go from bright yellow to orange to dark brown and even black. This is all dependent on the plant species that the bee gathers pollen from.


The best Bee Pollen is always local Bee Pollen. If you can find a beekeeper in your area, contact them. If not, many health food stores now carry Bee Pollen. Besides that, if you prefer to order online, here is our recommend store.


You can take the Bee Pollen a number of ways. Some can put it just on their tongue and let it dissolve that way. For some, that's a little bit too hard to swallow. So instead, if you want to mix it in the morning with your cereal or oatmeal or mix it into a shake or smoothie, that's fine as well. You can let it dissolve in a glass of water, drink it that way. Anyway is fine, you will not lose any nutritional benefit.



Some have experienced mild allergic reactions to Bee Pollen. Particularly, if they already know that they have allergic reactions to bee stings. if this is you, take only a little bit of Bee Pollen at a time  and look for signs of an allergic reaction, such as a rash, wheezing, coughing or any other discomforts. If you see these signs, discontinue taking Bee Pollen. It is not for you.

Pregnant mothers, do not use Bee Pollen because it has been known, in some cases, to stimulate the uterus and threaten pregnancy. Along with that, don't take Bee Pollen while breastfeeding.

There you go

So there you go. Now you know everything you need to know about Bee Pollen. You know where it comes from, you know what it's made out off, you know what some of it's benefits are, and you know if you should be using it.



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