How to Develop Healthier Habits! 3 Tips

Are you FINALLY ready to kick THAT NASTY habit? Let me show you how!

There are in fact two different types of habits. Good habits, like getting up in the morning to go for a run. And there are bad habits, like eating a bag of chocolates after getting upset at a friend.
These are things we fall back on, on a day to day basis, and can end up defining us as people.

Do YOU have any habits you wish you could build. Maybe going to bed on time, getting up and exercising, making better choices when it comes to what you eat. Or maybe you have bad habits you wish you could break like, smoking, eating poorly or not getting enough sleep.

Thankfully, today we are talking about 3 PRACTICAL ways you can develop healthier habits.


When we start turning over a new leaf or trying to make changes in our lives, we want to change everything overnight. We want to become the perfect versions of ourselves. But that's impossible.

By trying to reach all our goals at the same time, we make sure we don't reach any of them. We have to make gradual improvements over time. That's the true secret to success.


Make two master lists of habits. In one column put all the good habits you would like to achieve. In the other column put some bad habits you have, that you would like to break. Do not limit yourself here. Write down whatever comes to mind. Then take that list and prioritize it by what is most important to YOU. Number them. Go from the top to the bottom as to what you would like to work on first. Now take two or three habits from both of these lists and focus on just them.

To speed up this process, start replacing bad habits with good ones.
For example, if you want to watch less TV, but call your relatives, then call your relatives in the time frame that you would usually spend watching TV.


Maybe one of your good habits that you are trying to build is actually eating a little bit healthier. But that can become much harder if your house is full of junk food that's just waiting to be eaten. Another example is if you are trying to exercise more. But the sheer fact that you might have to go digging in your closet to even find your running shoes is enough of a deterrent for you to never develop that habit.

You see, both of these examples are instances of the environment factor influencing the development of good habits, and actually promoting bad ones.


Make doing the wrong thing a lot harder then doing the right thing. What do I mean by that? Well, for example, if you are struggling with eating junk food, make it so that it's so easy to get to the junk food. Maybe you have to go to the supermarket to buy a tub of ice cream because you don't want any ice cream in the house. Make it so that it's actually harder for you to indulge in the temptation then to actually just not give in.


So how long does it take to actually develop a new habit? Some say about 21 days, but don't let that discourage you.


Don't look at minor set backs or slip ups as permanent failures. A set back or slip up should be expected or even planned. None of us are perfect. So in developing your goal for a habit plan, let's say, 3 minor set backs, in maybe a workout regimen. But if that week passes and you haven't had a single set back or made a single slip up, well, you'll feel incredible. But let's say that same week you planned no to make no slip ups, and you had 3, well then you'll be devastated.

Think about when things actually went right. Think about when a habit you were developing went smoothly and then think about what you did and how can you repeat that, hopefully with the same results.

There you go

There you go guys, 3 PRACTICAL TIPs that you can implement TODAY to start building better habits tomorrow! And maybe even kicking a few bad ones. Go out there, show them who's boss.




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