NeRuS - Silver 9 Modern

NeRuS - Silver 9 Modern

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Neutralizer of Harmful Raditation *

  • Dimensions: W 9mm x H 28mm
  • Protection: 60ft Diameter
  • For Personal Use
  • LIFE TIME WARRANTY (Do not get wet)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

- Nikola Tesla


"A device for continual neutralization of a wide spectrum of harmful electromagnetic radiation" - NeRuS

NeRuS is not a chemical or medication, but rather a device that has a prophylactic effect by neutralizing harmful radiation. Thereby comforting our immune system, allowing our body to properly heal itself and fight against various illnesses. 

 was clinically tested in the Russian Scientific Centre for Rehabilitative Medicine in Moscow led by Doctor of Medical Science Piterina Marija Petrovna, professor and academician of the Russian and European Academy of Medical Sciences. 

It was identified that NeRuS blocks sources of harmful radiation, thus helping with symptoms such as: irritability, depression, tiredness, headaches. While helping to improve circulation, sleep and memory, boost our immune system, and slow aging.

At the most prestigious world exhibitions of inventions, NeRuS has won 119 medals and 3 GRAND PRIX awards.

How does it work?

NeRuS is made up of two metals and two alloys, between which there is a difference in electrical potential and, on the basis of this difference in potential, a low electromagnetic field of high frequency is emitted by oscillating circuits that cancels the effect of technological radiation of lower frequencies.

Literally, the harmful electromagnetic radiation neutralizer NeRuS decontaminates the space from harmful radiation. High frequency waves do not penetrate our body, but go on the surface of the skin, preventing low frequency waves from resonating with our body. There are two types of NeRuS models ie. two purposes for personal protection and space protection.

It is known that harmful electromagnetic radiation can not be completely eliminated, but at a test at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences on a magnetically induced topograph at a frequency of 20 MGh, NeRuS showed excellent results in suppression and neutralization of harmful electromagnetic radiation, the causative agent of various diseases.

Awards & Diplomas


This product has a life time warranty.

Warning - Do not get wet. In case of water damage your warranty will be voided. 

In any other case of not user created damage your NeRuS will be replaced for a new one. All you have to do it send us your old damaged one!


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