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The keyword here is genetics. So much of who we are is determined by who our parents are. Our eye color, hair color, height, weight, personality, mannerisms, and so much more. But the same goes for our health. We often hear of people saying that certain illnesses “run in the family.” That is true, a lot of our weaknesses and imbalances are just inherent to our genetic makeup, who we are. And our body tells us these things, if you know how to read them.

At one of our personal consultations, we take the time to listen to your unique concerns and issues to help pinpoint and recommend the best products that could help. We also listen to your body as it tells us your imbalances through the irises of your eyes, your ears, tongue, face and even your fingernails! 



Discoloration, pigmentation, cracks, rings, and even the shape of the iris or pupil can be indicators of genetic weaknesses

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The shape and color of the ear. Texture, cracks and colorations of the tongue. And other signs on the face and neck can all be indicators of genetic weaknesses

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Texture, rigidity, smoothness, shape and curve of the fingernails can all be indicators of genetic weaknesses

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Iridology goes back 100s of years as a method of seeing imbalances and toxicity in the body before modern diagnostic tools. It’s interesting to note that each person’s eye is unique, like a fingerprint. The eye reveals our hereditary predisposition to certain imbalances. A genetic blueprint of our weaknesses and strengths, if you will. Having this knowledge about what we can develop in the future, can help us make better decisions today. With proper diet and exercise, many illnesses can be avoided or minimized before they become too severe.

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Face Analysis

The subtle changes to one’s face day to day can reveal dealings inside our bodies. Often how we are feeling is reflected by how we look. Puffy eyes, chapped lips, and even wrinkles could be signs of some more acute imbalances in the body. We also look at the tongue and ears to try and help triangulate the source of the imbalances. Any one sign doesn’t carry a lot of weight, but when grouped with other signs, we can get a clearer image of what our body needs.

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Fingernail Analysis

Everything from the edges of your fingernails to the fingernail beds could be an indicator of current physical deficiencies in the body. These signs tend to be slow in appearing and disappearing but can reveal things such as hormonal imbalances and poor nutrient absorption. The nails’ appearance does not change as quickly as the face’s, but can still show more dynamic or acute conditions in the body. Whereas Iridology tends to show much more static conditions.

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