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Our Journey


Bringing Natural Medicine from Yugoslavia to the US

Meet the Drakulić Family!

Dr. Sanda Drakulić ND

Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr. Vlatko Drakulić ND

Doctor of Naturopathy

Dr. Sandro Drakulić ND

Doctor of Naturopathy

The taste of homeland

Our story began over 23 years ago, when we moved to North America with our 5-year-old son Sandro. Coming from a Balkan region where herbal remedies are valued and widely used, we decided to bring a little bit of our “homeland” to you. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose in business is to help people feel better and Sanda herbals was founded on this belief. For us, this means much more than just creating delicious herbal tea blends and other herbal remedies. 

Our Mission

We devoted our life to naturopathy and until now we have helped more than 10.000 customers. There are no words to describe the satisfaction we feel, when we help our clients to bring their body into a state of balance.

The fulfilment we get from our work has also inspired Sandro to follow our trail and join the family business. 

Call us for a FREE Naturopathic Consultation: +1 (727) 733-1144

Our Principles

Our history is rooted in the teachings of herbalism from the Balkans, honored and reflected in our principles. Our products are created to support your body: 

We believe in the synergistic benefit of herbs, combining high number of ingredients to enhance their wellness-supporting potential.

We blend the best of what nature has to offer, using the finest herbs, primarily from Sokobanja, Serbia and from other Balkan countries.

With our products we strive to support social responsibility within the local communities of the Balkans.

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