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Our Story (WIP)

From Humble Beginnings

In 1998, Vlatko & Sanda came as immigrants to the USA, with their 5 yr old son. With nothing to their name. Without knowing how to speak English.
They may have left their home, but they never left their love of natural health. And now, they love bringing a little bit of home to you. Sanda and Vlatko, the founders of Sanda Herbals, always had a love of herbs, coming from a region where herbal remedies are valued and used everyday.

In 2005, they opened their very first store front, "Sanda Vitamins & Herbs"And now, in 2018, that are thrilled to have you visting their brand new online store!

Their first business venture was to follow their passion and love of herbs. Opening up their first store front “Sanda Vitamins & Herbs” in 2005, (in St Pete, FL) importing herbal teas from Europe. Driven by a strong desire to help other through the means of natural remedies.

By 2007 they were manufacturing their own herbal teas, tincture, balms and other natural products here in the USA.And opened up their 2nd store, in Dunedin FL 2008, certified as CNHP.

By 2009, they had a 3rd store in Bowling green, Kentucky. One of their fascinations with the natural field was of iridology. Leading them to seek education in the field.in 2010 they finished their further schooling in iridology in 2013, they opened up their very first consultation office for iridology. Where they did one on one consultations for years. Helping other feel better using their products.

After graduating from high school, their son went on to be certified as…. ND, Personal Trainer, etc in 2015, ND both Sanda and Vlatko.

Both Sanda & Vlatko, along with their son, Sandro, are certified in several fields of natural health, including iridology and others, etc. After finishing his 3 year certificaiton to become an ND, their son, Sandro has been very involved in the family business.

In 2016, starting his own natural health youtube channel promoting healthier living and being active.

But no school has given them more knowledge then the school of experience. Working with their already over 10,000 customers for over many years has given them a unique insight.

"No certificate or degree of schooling can give us the satisfaction we feel when we help others feel better” - Sanda & Vlatko in 2018, they made the switch to again produce their product completely in Europe to retain their authentic feel and quality. All of the herbs used in Sanda products are hand harvested by local villagers that search the European mountainside for the finest nature can offer.

Closing all their store fronts and transitioning to a completely online store.