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Ear Candles

Svijeće za čišćenje ušiju

Plamen goruće svijeće stvara lagani vakuum i vitalnu toplinu, koja nježno masira uho i stimulira prirodan proces čišćenja uha od cerumena.
Svijeća također djeluje na rad sinusa i stimulira akupunkturne točke uha.
Tretman sa svijećama je vrlo opuštajući i može se koristiti kod nesanice, glavobolje, stresa i u svrhu meditacije.
Tretman traje 10-15 minuta, ali njegov učinak traje i do 24 sata, tijekom kojih se uho oslobađa naslaga cerumena i uspostavlja se normalan rad sinusa.
Svijeće se mogu koristiti kod mnogih zdravstvenih tegoba: začepljenja uha, prehlade i gripe, sinusitisa, rinitisa, glavobolje, šuma u uhu.
Poznato je da svijeće djeluju ne samo na fizičkoj, nego i suptilnoj razini.
Holistički liječnici svjedoče o tome da svijeće uklanjaju energetske blokade i uspostavljaju normalan protok energije u organizmu.
Svijeća ima oblik tuljca-Fišeka, koji je iznutra prazan. Tuljac se užom stranom nježno stavi na uho i zapali.
Tokom izgaranja svijeće stvara se vitalna toplina, koja liječi, opušta i čisti uho od cerumena i gljivica. Metoda čišćenja uha sa tuljcima je prirodna, neinvazivna i nema štetnih posljedica.

bio hopi svijećeBio Hopi svijeće pomažu kod:
začepljenja uha
prehlade i gripe
sinusitisa i rinitisa
alergije i astme
glavobolje i migrena
šumova u uhu
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2.0 oz
Before my Fusion plan... Must read!!!

I rubbed this oil on me before chemotherapy, and out of 16 rounds assigned to me I did 4. It disappeared before my second fusion. I use it until this day. This company is legit!! I'm now waiting on my NeRuS to come in the mail. Blessings!

From a 2 year triple negative survivor.
Chante E.
The best teas.

My husband used the EasyMove H Tea against hemorrhoids, and one pack was enough! He never had a problem again.

Thank you so much 😘❤️
Dejana D.

I can't believe what a difference it made within the first few days of taking it. I feel like my old self again... I highly recommend it.
Amy K.

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Our Story

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This was our philosophy when we decided to open our family-owned business for herbal therapies in Saint Petersburg, Florida in 2005. For hundreds of years, herbal remedies have been successfully used in Europe to help people look and feel better.

Why switch it up now?

This is why we rely on traditional European recipes that we know work to create our herbal teas, tinctures, oils, and balms. Each product has its own rich history and thousands that benefited from it. For example, our herbal teas are harvested in Europe at high altitudes with pure, unpolluted air. We’re proud to offer herbal remedies we rely on within with our own family, and we can’t wait to help you find the perfect herbal remedy for whatever ails you.

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